Publishing Deal

for art, brands, careers, e.t.c

Our publishing scope is a full time commitment and investment to collaborate with you in your field to update customers, fans, friends, followers, e.t.c about you with acquisition of your contents for publishing and marketing on our products marketing programme worldwide.

We actually work for companies and individuals as product's agency label. 

Advantage: Your products will be available for sale at the market place. You and your brand/contents will be published full time via our company (Exclusively licenced) 

Copyright: 100% yours with copyright protection and curation that is part of our duty, commitment and investment as your publishing agency. 


  • Long-term of work relationship for you to achieve growths in your public affairs. 
  • Get more downloads / purchases. 
  • Get more views on your contents. 
  • Sell something at the market place. 
  • Upload audio / videos. 

Your profile/contents will be delivered to audience worldwide from time to time as part of our daily activities and duty as your publishing agency. 

Simply select the self employed package to get started.  CONTINUE 

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